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Cultivate A Die-Hard Fanbase Around Your Brand

Discover and implement the exact systems used to grow multiple communities to a combined 15.5 million and generate over $6,800,000 in annual recurring revenue.

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What’s the secret behind guaranteed, consistent growth?

It’s not more ads, offers or even more content…

It’s community. 

And if you pay attention, you’ll notice this is what all the biggest brands do…

They obsess over creating a community.


Because people don’t become raving fans of a “business.”

“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories, and magic” – Seth Godin

People become obsessed with (and loyal customers of) brands that make them feel one thing.

A sense of belonging.

Without it, you just have a bunch of followers - bound to start “following” someone else as soon as they get bored.


If you can cultivate a community around your brand… 

You’ve got a near-unlimited source of growth.

And you can leverage this force to grow your online business bigger than you might imagine… 

While creating true, worldwide impact.

Over the past 14 years I’ve built multiple communities around my brands, with sizes ranging from a few hundred to 14 million.

These communities now generate over $6M in annual recurring revenue…

And now I’m revealing how you can do the same.

With my proven system for cultivating rock-solid communities of raving fans, hosted in its very own live community.

This playbook and live community experience will reveal everything you need to know to build your own engaged and committed community around your brand.

Allowing you to reach new levels of impact and growth.

Ready to create your own die-hard community of raving fans?

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What You'll Discover in Fanbase FC

  • The proven blueprint for building a thriving, purpose-driven community - hosted in a live community setting

  • The formula for developing a clear, compelling vision, mission, and purpose for your community

  • Strategies for finding your tribe and attracting your ideal community members

  • How to design a dynamic content strategy that boosts trust & deepens bonds

  • Proven processes for launching your community & attracting your first 100 members

What's Inside:


Fanbase FC

Discover how to create a unique space for your community, filled with purpose, support, and collaboration.

Learn to master engagement, and tap into participation hacks that ensure your community buzzes with life.


Building Foundations

People don’t come together accidentally. 

Discover how to create a compelling vision, mission, and purpose for your community. You’ll also learn how to create a Community Playbook - a living, breathing manifesto of your community’s ethos.


Finding Your Tribe

Uncover the secrets to identifying and attracting your tribe. Discover how to understand your target market so you can speak directly to your tribe. Once you nail this, your community will start to grow like wildfire.


Captivate Through Content

Discover the transformative power of the Founder Flywheel, where your content serves as a perpetual engagement engine, fostering infinite leverage, trust, and impact.

Learn how to create a dynamic content strategy that attracts, engages, and retains your ideal community members.


Monetize The Fanbase

Unlock the potential of your community as a revenue generator. 

Dive into the world of monetization strategies, crafting irresistible offers, and aligning your income sources with your community's purpose and values.


Scaling Your Community

Learn how to expand your reach and multiply your impact with growth strategies that spark engagement and community growth. 

It's time to spread your community's influence far and wide!


Management Systems

Master the art of leading your community with care and creativity.

Discover how to stimulate engagement, resolve conflicts, and reward contributions that align with your values.


Launch With Momentum

Get ready to create serious waves with a proven strategy that draws in your first 100 community members. 

You’ll discover powerful mechanisms to elevate your community's appeal and build serious momentum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

If you want to grow and monetize a community around your passion - odds are this course is for you.

Why is this course important?

Community is THE foundation of your brand.

It’s the #1 indicator of longevity, and serves as a fuel to help you grow. In today’s digital world, your community is your greatest asset. How do you build a passionate community?

By using a proven system. In Fanbase FC you’ll learn my exact system for growing and monetizing a passionate community around your brand.

So you can create your own community FAST, and with no guesswork

Why should I learn from you?

I’ve worked for Facebook, Google Ads and TikTok as Digital Marketing Advisor in the Dutch, Belgian and Danish market.

I currently run paid communities that cost $7,500 to be a part of.

In Fanbase FC you’ll learn my exact system so you can create your own audience of raving fans.

What do I get for $97,- /month?

I’ve distilled 12 years of community-building experience (plus the millions of dollars I spent learning and growing my own businesses) into an actionable course that eliminates any guesswork and gives you a proven blueprint for success.

I’m confident of the value I give in this course, but ultimately you’ll have to determine if getting my proven community growth system is worth $97 or not. 

In this actionable course you’ll get:

  • 14 years of brand-building experience packed into an actionable 1-hour course
  • The proven blueprint for building a thriving, purpose-driven community
  • Strategies for finding your tribe & attracting your ideal community members
  • Live community experience
  • Battle-tested strategies for monetizing your community
  • Proven processes for launching your community & attracting your first 100 members

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